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DairyLight UK Installations & Video Testimonials

UK map with locations and customer testimonials


“Having had our high yielders done for a couple of weeks I would say we are so far definitely seeing very strong and long lasting heats compared to before.

Initial perceptions regarding milk yields are that high yielders have already increased by around a couple of litres."

David Irwin
Redhouse Holsteins, Armagh
Herd 170, 13,500 litres.


“We’ve seen a lift in yields over the past 2 years - a definite 10% increase. Normally, there’s a drop in production in November, but we’ve seen an increase.

At first we were sceptical - we did half then decided to do the second half because of the results. Fertility has also been quite phenomenal - a big improvement. "

Geoff Spence
Miresdale Dairy, Northallerton
Herd: 900, 11,500 litres


“Yields up probably 1+ lt per cow. Intakes up and herd are generally keener to be up feeding in the morning."

Roger Mason
Heaves Farm, Cumbria.
Herd: 220


“Apart from the great yield-response and benefits for the cows, we also had a great improvement in the working environment for the staff.”

Richard Davenport
Top of the Town Farm, Cheshire
Herd: 500, 9000 litres.


“The lights have gained us another 2lt per cow per day and the bullying activity has moved to a different level to that experienced before.

I would definitely install the lights again knowing the benefits that have brought us.”

John Cartledge
Peaslows Farm, Buxton
Herd: 230


“Overall milk yield from July 2017 to the same month last year is up 6%. Only half of our cows are under LEDs, so the expected improvement of 8% would match up with the figures.”
“Another improvement in the herd this year so far is a noticeable difference in the strength and length of heats in the animals. Our fertility figures have been slowly improving each year, but this year the rate of improvement has been better than usual."

Chris Dorrington
The Old Rectory, Grantham
Herd: 150, 9000 litres


"I must admit I thought it was a bit optimistic for a 10% increase. But we're getting 39 litres a day now, 4.1% fat - and never with the cows giving so easily..."

Robert Evans
Derimoelion Farm, Carmarthen
Herd: 700


“9% yield increase, reduction in concentrate usage from 0.35 to 0.31kg/lt, improves margins by 1.9ppl for the year totalling £263 per cow."

Calvin Pugh
Court Farm, Gloucestershire/Worcestershire
Herd: 200